Pills Kill


A woman of 79 goes into a nursing home with a broken pelvis, the only prescriptions she had used at home were for blood pressure and cholesterol. By the time she was discharged 18 days later, she “wasn’t my mother anymore” said her daughter. She was withdrawn, slumped in a wheel chair with her head down, chewing on her hand, her speech garbled”. Within weeks she was dead.

The woman had been given so many heavy-duty medications, including illegally administered antipsychotics that she could no longer function. If one drug caused sleeplessness and anxiety, she was given a different medication to counteract those side effects. If yet another drug induced agitation or the urge to move constantly she was medicated for that.

The woman had Alzheimer’s but she wasn’t out of it. Before she went into the nursing home for rehabilitation she could dress and feed herself and walk on her own. You could have a conversation with her. In the nursing home she was drugged to make her submissive.

Tragically this is not an isolated incident. Too many patients in nursing homes are given antipsychotic drugs that are not only unnecessary but also extremely dangerous for older patients. The problem stems from inadequate training and -.under-staffing.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School reviewed data on more than 75,400 elderly residents of nursing homes in 45 states across the U.S. They conclude that certain antipsychotic medication may differ in the risk of death among the elderly with dementia. “Haloperidol (Haldol) is not used as much as it once was in these patients, but it is still used” says researcher and Harvard Medical School instructor Krista Huybrechts, PhD. “It is clear that this drug carries an increased risk for death in elderly patients with dementia and should not be used”.

“SHOULD NOT BE USED”? There should be a law against it. My mother died February 2008 in a hospital where a doctor and medical staff had administered a cocktail composed of antipsychotic drugs consisting of Haldol, Deprecote, and Ativan etc. This doctor and his staff knew the risk. But was willing to take that risk by giving my mother those drugs to keep my mother submissive through drugs. When she went into a vegetative state, he covered it up by starving and dehydrating her so she would die and that would be the end of that. No one would be the wiser. He was more interested in profit and greed than people.

To be continued……………………..Stay safe. Elaine Marlowe Mitchell

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