Euthanasia, Assisted; Pros and Cons

  Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide; Pros and Cons


Voluntary euthanasia – When the person who is killed has requested to be killed

Non-voluntary euthanasia – When the person who is killed,  made no request and gave no consent.



Involuntary euthanasia – When the person who is killed made an expressed wish to the contrary. Euthanasia by action – Intentionally causing a person’s death by performing an action such as giving a lethal injection.

Euthanasia by omission – Intentionally causing death by not providing necessary and ordinary (usual & customary) care of food and water.

Terminally Ill

Most terminally ill patients seek suicide not because they are ill but because they are depressed. Even Jack Kevorkian, the notorious suicide doctor said in a court appearance that he considers anyone with a disabling disease who is not depressed “abnormal”.

In 1969, psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross outlined the 5 stages of the dying process—- denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Since that time Dr. Kubler-Ross has worked with thousands of dying patients and their families to help them deal with the dying process. Dr. Kubler-Ross said “Lots of my dying patients say they grow in bounds and leaps, and finish all their unfinished business. But assisting a suicide is cheating them of these lessons, like taking a student out of school before final exams. That’s not love; it’s projecting your own unfinished business”.

The unfinished business can consist of mending relationships and coming to the realization, all the good things that were a part of the patients’ lives. Over-come by depression, they short-circuit themselves, denying the involvement of this process. And although the motives of loved ones are compassionate, by encouraging or even assisting in the patient’s suicide are helping to steal those last precious moments of their lives.

Right to Die

Pros: It is the right of every human being to be able to choose when they die. It is a right to end your suffering and to die with dignity.

Cons: Does anyone really have the right to end their life or to end the life of anyone else. Where there is life, there is hope.

Suffering at the End of Life

Pros: No one should be forced to suffer at the end of life. Every human has a right not to be forced to suffer.

Cons: For 99% of patients with severe pain there are pain control drugs. And who is to say that pain ends with death. So far no one has come back to tell us.

Slippery Slope

Pros: The idea of a slippery slope is absurd. This is not unlike the doomsday prediction. All doomsday have passed and life continues as before.

Cons: In a society where health care costs are astronomical the dangers of a slippery slope is far from fantasy. Euthanasia and assisted suicide is halfway house to going from voluntary euthanasia to non and involuntary euthanasia.

Selah, Elaine Marlowe

10 thoughts on “Euthanasia, Assisted; Pros and Cons

  1. Children Euthanasia is against Life. And Jesus is the Life. He is alive. He asks Why you kill my creation and Why you destroy the new generation that I am building? For that reason He will extend his hand for justice in his time.
    I personally am a fighter and I declared spiritual war to the Angel of Death, and in Psalms 102:15-22 & 28 we can find answers of our prayers. Praise The Lord.

    • It is the terminally ill patients choice to decide whether or not they want to suffer. What you said was also irrelevant.

      • Irrelevant for people who are dead (spiritually) What I said was Life is Spirit and Jesus, our Lord is Life, and the matter is to believe it not by force because comes from the heart (your spirit) that’s the only way to understand that the opposite of Eternal Life is “the other choice” EUTHANASIA or PLANNING DEATH. It’s not what you suffer. It matters how you fight against illness, death and that’s hope. My hope has a name! CHRIST! I choice trusting and prayers, and find solutions of everything.

        • Do not use religion as your main argument. Try and find something else to support your battle because not everyone believes in the God from the Bible

          • I defend life and life is not coming from me. I received life and i am still alive. I did not say myself Be alive Iskra or receive life Iskra. The same way i can not finish taking the option to select the death for me or my children. I believe in Eternal Life, and i believe in a real creator and savoir, it is not only from the Bible because He is real He is alive. He has a name and we call Him Jesus in the Earth, but he is GREAT and He came to the Earth to give us life and abundantly. It is true, the human beings have free will, but in my case i have owner and now the Holy Presence is with me just because i decided to follow Him, and if u r nt convinced speak out and ask Jesus if He is real but do not tempted or select the death for your children, they got Heaven and you go to Hell,wrong decisions have bad consequences. For me Bible does not content deathly word,for me and myfamily as well is Life Wisdom and escape of lies like this one Euthanasia.

  2. i am pagan i believe that assisted suicide goes against nature. but everyone has the right to choose assisted suicide or not.

    • not to refute what youre saying or anything I would just like to point out that the kind of patients who would qualify for it are already going against nature by prolonging life with modern medicine and technology.

      • I agree totally. I am against euthanasia for simple reason we could go down a slippery slope. My mother was euthanized against her will by starvation and dehydration. Not a pleasant way to die. I would never want to be kept alive by artificial means. Thanks for your comment X

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